Reptilian on a flying shield

a reptilian on a flying shield

flying shieldflying shield


Welcome to Unsolved Mysteries

Welcome to our strange and weird world of unsolved ancient mysteries. Here you will find many unusual artifacts and evidence of lost and mostly forgotten people of our ancient past. From clay pot batteries to crystal skulls to giant bones, here you will find information on these and many more discoveries that defy explanation to many archeaologists and historians.  A few are generally accepted as fakes or the official explanation will not go with new information that have been found by alternative and weekend researchers. The decision is yours to either accept these artifacts as real evidence of lost technologies and knowledge or you can accept the official explanations given by the professionals in archeaology and history. The choice is yours. These postings and images are an attempt to preserve what information have been learned about our ancient past and I hope these postings will add to a current researcher’s project.  Please share this page will all your friends and family and to anyone who would be interested in learning about our unusual and strange ancient past. Thank you.