“Martian fashion wear“ in Stone

Who modeled this helmet-wearing figure? It was made between 1150 and 100 BC, is 17cm high, was made of reddish sandstone and is supposed to represent an Olmek priest king. However, the helmet, collar and facial expressions are strange and technological. The statue almost seems to represent a diver or astronaut. It even seems as if the supposed “priest king” was wearing gloves. And what is the significance of the claw feet of the unknown character, often associated with a mysterious “Jaguar Cult”? Approximately 30 years ago, the strange figure was displayed in public – in a showcase of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Today, the figure is privately owned by researcher couple Dr. and Mrs. Milton Arno Leof, Mexico City. This “prehistoric astronaut” with clearly Mongoloid facial features was discovered in Xochipala, Guerrero, Mexico. Its origin is unknown.
Place of discovery: Xochipala, Guerrero, Mexico
Age: between 1150 and 100 BC.